I call myself a magician.

I've been writing code since I was ten years old and shooting pictures and video since I could be trusted with a camera. I'm proficient in Python, HTML5, and Javascript, and have done work for both small businesses and massive open-source initiatives.

Stuff I've done

Utterly incomplete, but it's a start.

Three days before my half-birthday when I was ten years old, I sent an email with the header "Theo's Consulting Services." That was the beginning. Now I've worked for clients of all sorts, from lawyers to child development specialists to film and video professionals. I've also written thousands of lines of code for the world's largest encyclopedia, and shot videos for one of the coolest music venues out there. Want to be on this list?

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Get in touch. I don't bite.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 901.205.9827